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Beeswift is a manufacturer and wholesaler of Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment encompassing a wide range of safety products and high quality workwear. At Beeswift we pride ourselves on providing good quality PPE from Footwear to Gloves, protecting our customers with superior durability and improved comfort. Our warehouse has significant stockholding and the in-house embroidery and badging facility ensures that we can be the one stop shop for Safety and Workwear supplies.

The gonna start to sell our Light-Vest Leds work safety line en our Lightvest Workharnass,They gonna light up the uk en make there country even safer.Together with Light-Vest leds work we gonna make the working easy again.

Beeswift is  one of the country’s leading manufacturers and wholesalers of PPE and workwear we recognise the requirements for products that fall outside our circle of expertise. That is why at Beeswift you can also acquire brands such as Moldex, 3M, Scott Safety, Bolle, Dunlop, Dupont, Gojo, Honeywell and Superior Gloves, to mention but a few. This confirms Beeswift’s commitment to becoming the one stop shop for all your PPE and safety requirements.

As a responsible purchaser we audit all our production facilities at home and abroad using our internal department who have completed IRCA approved courses in ISO9001: Lead Auditor and SMETA Audits. To help with our global compliance challenges we also use external Auditors who are IRCA accredited and have staffed offices all over the world. All Auditors are dedicated to ensure consistent compliance processes on behalf of the senior management and the Board of Directors.

After a partner factory is audited in accordance with Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit or SMETA guidelines for short, we address any potential problems proactively and work with our partner factories to resolve these. This is done using CAP, Corrective Action Plan. We set dates to complete any CAP objectives, then CAP objectives are verified with either a follow up audit or a desktop verification, that can include images, video or training plans implemented where necessary.

Beeswift is also accredited to ISO 14001, 9001 and OHSAS 1800 BSI registered. You can find CE declarations of conformity and User Information Sheets (UIS)/Care Instructions for garments that require them on this website. This gives the user security and peace of mind that the Beeswift product they are using has the relevant DNA reference. Remember, Beeswift re certificate all their manufactured products every 5 years to ensure the most stringent standards are upheld.

Compliance, Conformity, Certification, this is what we do, that is what you get.

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